Welcome to Simply Ferns.com website.

Simply Ferns, is the retail side of Holmwood Nurseries. Holmwood Nurseries was born in the late summer of 1979, It started its early life as a shrub and climber nursery, and in the 80’s had become largely a bedding plant nursery.

In January 1980 the business had not only acquired a four acre green field site for a new nursery, but had also become a partnership with my wife Jude joining the business.

In 2004 we felt it was time to change some of the species of plants we were growing, and somehow ferns fell into the criteria we were looking for.

Ferns were a plant that looked great for nearly eighty percent of the year, they were versatile, some would be happy planted in tubs, some in shady places and some in full sunlight, and… they were different, they impart a sense of wild nature getting back a foothold in your garden. Ferns have been around longer than flowering plants, their origins start in the middle Devonian age nearly 400 hundred million years ago, before dinosaurs, and certainly before mammals and humans, I hope you enjoy browsing the website, and if you fancy owning one of the Middle Devonian ancestors, it’s yours at a click of a mouse.

Please note that none of our ferns have been hacked from subtropical virgin forest in New Zealand or Australia to make way for roads or plantations and neither have our native species been gathered from the wild in clandestine operations. All our ferns are spore grown!